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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Traditionally, Chinese wedding bed sets are usually in red or pink with dragon and phoenix, double happiness motifs embroidered in golden thread, or with loud flower prints such as peony or magnolias. As pretty as it looks, bed sets with such designs are typically used once and kept in cold storage when the wedding is over. Most modern couples prefer contemporary designs and may select softer colors such as pastel pink, cream, or lavender for a more romantic touch.

How can we make the matrimonial bedroom look auspicious without the typical wedding bed sets?

How about using the decorative 家有喜事 runners? Each piece has a different print of white cranes, cherry blossoms, dragon, phoenix, and the double happiness character, symbolising happiness, unconditional love, devotion, good fortune, and longevity.

Eye catching bed runner that spruces up an otherwise plain bed set
Decorative power of a tassel

The bed runner can be placed, alongside the matching 成双成对 cushions, from the day you conduct your An Chuang 安床 ceremony.

The cushions will come in handy when the couple needs to kneel during the tea ceremony!

Besides, for couples who are celebrating their wedding in the bridal suite, the runner and cushions combo will work well to give you an immediate Instagram-worthy wedding bed with minimal effort to jazz up the otherwise plain white sheets.

Decorative and practical uses for the cushions

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