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Updated: Mar 8

Red Banner with Dragon and Phoenix motifs

Adorning a red colour banner known as 红彩布 above the door has been a common practice for Chinese homes. It is usually to signify a happy event going on within the household such as a wedding, and the family is seeking good luck and blessings to bestow on them.

For many centuries, red is regarded as an auspicious and important colour. It helps to ward and frighten off evil spirits, provide stability for the household and comfort the young ones. People dealing with business will choose to hang the red cloth banner on the door when their new store or business opens, as a sign of good luck and that their business will continue to boom!

Hanging the 红彩布 is very much about custom and culture. The most common time you will see a Chinese family using it is during the Lunar New Year. This symbolises a new beginning of great wealth, health and also used as invitation banner for the God of Prosperity 财神!

Tip: Did you know that these banners can also be used as a table or bed runner? Check out our next post!

Red Banner with Double Happiness and Cranes motifs

Red Banner with Mandarin Ducks and Lotus motifs

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