I have a soft spot on anything oriental and 喜喜 double happiness, literally meaning joy!

Qun Kua 裙褂, which translates to a skirt and jacket, refers to the red traditional Chinese wedding attires that have been used for years in many Chinese weddings. 

When I was planning for my wedding, this was not something readily available in Singapore. It was a pity that such beautiful handiworks were not being showcased enough.

2007 saw the birth of The Red Wedding, driven by my passion and desire to preserve one of the unique traditions of the Chinese culture, as well as to bring joy to those around me.


Red has always been regarded as an auspicious color for Chinese. This bright red attire is usually hand-embroidered with motifs such as dragons, phoenixes, bats, pomegranates, or peonies. All of these which signifies wealth, prosperity, abundance, love, fertility, and good fortune.

In recent years, traditional wedding attires have been added to the wedding wardrobe for brides, grooms, and even their parents. More brides are wearing the Qun Kua as the main gown when the groom fetches the bride, while some brides wear it during the traditional tea ceremony. Either way, wearing the Qun Kua during your wedding is an auspicious gesture and believed to be one of the elements to a fruitful marriage.

The Red Wedding carries a variety of Qun Kua in different designs and sizes. We even offer matching accessories such as shoes, hairpieces, jewelry, and complementing attires like Ma Kua 马褂 and Tang jackets for the groom.

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Having graced over thousands of couples' wedding day, we will continue to provide you with quality products at modest rates. For Chinese couples residing overseas, you will be happy to know that we ship internationally too.

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Janet Ng