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Discover the World of Tradition

The Red Wedding specializes in traditional Chinese wedding attire, known as Qun Kua and Ma Kua. With a legacy dating back to 2007, we are among Singapore's most established brands in this field. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials, ensuring superb craftsmanship and elegance.

Our designs are tailored to create a flattering silhouette that complements the modern bride's aesthetic desires. Adorned in auspicious red, these exquisite garments feature intricate hand-embroidered motifs such as dragons, phoenixes, bats, pomegranates, and peonies, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, abundance, love, fertility, and good fortune.

At The Red Wedding, our traditional attire is crafted for timeless elegance and comfort, embodying our philosophy: Classic, Always and Forever. Enjoy premium service and uncompromising quality at exquisite value, ensuring your journey with us is as memorable as your special day.


Janet NG


Amanda & Mernard

It’s been a great pleasure working with Janet, she gives suggestions and advice that helped me find what I want.

There’s a wide variety and selection to choose from, would definitely recommend The Red Wedding! The whole process was seamless and you don’t have to worry about anything.

01 Jan 2023


Review_Amanda & Mernard.jpeg

Celine & Tong

My dream was to wear a Kua on my actual wedding day for tea ceremony. The Red wedding is the only and first that we wanted to choose for our traditional outfits after searching on the internet.

Love the Kua and the Tang Jacket very much. We received a lot of compliments from our relatives and friends about our traditional outfits. So much satisfied with the amazing service provided by Janet and highly recommend their variety series of Kua and Jacket.

25 Nov 2022


Yun Ye & Christopher

The experience of renting with The Red Wedding was really good. Fuss-free, easy to collect, great expert advice from Janet, and most importantly, the Kua was comfortable and easy to put on, exceptionally important on a very busy and hectic day!

08 Oct 2022


Review_Yun Ye & Christopher
Review_Kris & Jaden

Kris & Jaden

Absolutely 100% will recommend any and every bride to rent their kua from The Red Wedding. Janet is the most friendly, kind and patient service provider I’ve met who would go the extra mile to explain each and every design and meaning in their different dress series (they’ve got so many you will be spoilt for choice).

Like cheongsam, the traditional kua needs to be fitting to look good and usually, you won’t find this large a selection of quality kua in the standard bridal shops. I believe all their kuas are hand-sewn and imported too! Last but not least their selection for grooms is great too with both traditional and not so traditional ones. Definitely one of the best choices I’ve made to engage The Red Wedding for my big day!

10 Sep 2022


Rebecca & Jonathan

Janet was very helpful with what options I had when it came to my Qun Kua. She is very prompt with her response and was also very patient while providing me with many images of designs before deciding on the final one. She was also very accommodating with the time difference between Singapore and UK, allowing me to set up meetings when is most convenient to my time frame.

The Kua is beautiful and a high-quality piece which fits my petite frame perfectly. I intend to pass on this beautiful item on to my child in the future.

Thank you Janet for all your help and the most beautiful Kua.

I highly recommend any Chinese brides get their Qun Kua from The Red Wedding.

18 Jun 2022

United Kingdom

Review_Charlene & Bruce

Charlene & Bruce

Was initially hesitant to wear a Kua for the wedding as I thought it’ll look baggy or shapeless. But was proven wrong the moment I put it on! There was a variety of sizes and Janet gave the best advice on the ones that best suit our body frame.

Quality was perfect and we received praise while wearing the kua. It looks beautiful in pictures too! Thank u The Red Wedding! 

21 May 2022


Cheryl & Philip

Janet’s selection of Kua is very different from what is available at local bridal boutiques. The process of renting our Qun Kua and Ma Kua from The Red Wedding was fuss-free and pleasant.

The outfits were extremely lovely and added that traditional touch to our gatecrash and tea ceremony. Would highly recommend!

02 May 2022

Review_Cheryl & Philip
Review_Fazira & Victor

Fazira & Victor

Thank you The Red Wedding for being a part of it #VicFazDay! It was an easy-going and hassle-free experience as Janet is professional at what she does, guiding us to pick the outfits that not only made us look the best but feel most comfortable on our day.

12 Dec 2021



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