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For the Bride

Qun Kua is a two-piece jacket and skirt ensemble, embroidered with Dragon and Phoenix. The combination of these two mythical creatures denotes the perfect Yin and Yang symbol, where it signifies a pair of lovers, connected for eternity. A happy marriage blessed with success and prosperity, as well as many offsprings, awaits the couple. 

Our classic gold and silver thread hand-embroidered Qun Kua, are classified under different categories such as Standard, Queen, QueenBee, and King series, according to the intensity of the embroidery. Brides who prefer a modern twist and glitter to the traditional outfit can opt for those using Beads and Sequins for its embroidery.

Brides can also consider our Xiu He Fu range of traditional Chinese wedding attires, paired with an A-line skirt, and uses a different embroidery technique alongside the diversified colors and motifs.

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For the Groom

Looking beautiful and flawless isn’t limited to just the bride anymore. Nowadays, even the groom wants to look perfect and ravishing on their wedding day. Grooms are generally more conscious about their outfits and overall appearance compared to the past. Besides the usual tuxedo or suit, they can go traditional with the exquisite Ma Kua, otherwise known as the male version of the Qun Kua. 

Ma Kua comprises of a mandarin collared jacket worn over a long robe and slacks. It is usually adorned with embroideries such as dragons, that signifies wealth and strength, or cranes that symbolises longevity and wisdom. For grooms who prefers a more subtle route, he can opt for the Tang Jacket, typically tailored using brocade, a common silk fabric that often has embedded embroidery patterns.

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Accessories make everything better. The Red Wedding have you covered from head to toe.

The red veil is becoming a constant element in Chinese weddings. Red signifies happiness and prosperity and can double up as a cover for nervous brides. If you are planning an up-do hairstyle, then adding a Chinese pin can be the perfect accessory. 

Gold necklace and bangles featuring a dragon and phoenix pair is a great combo to represent the bride and groom. This celebrates the union of two people and symbolizes the future wealth you will have in your lives - the more, the merrier. Lastly, a bride needs comfortable yet matching shoes to walk confidently.

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For The Mothers

The wedding day is not just about celebrating the bride and groom's lifelong commitment to one another, but also a special milestone for both sets of parents. There is often a lot of self-imposed pressure for Mom to look her best, as, after all, there will be no bride and groom without Mummy dearest. 

Not keen on exposing your arms or looking to cinch your waist? We've got you covered! Tailored with a slightly different cut from the bride's and in a different base color, this classic attire is a perfect option for mothers looking for something with a more forgiving fit. Be ready to turn heads, exude confidence, and poise with this stunning attire.

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