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The lovely red runner is crafted from smooth velvet. Each piece has different decorative print of white cranes, cherry blossoms, dragon, phoenix and the double happiness character, symbolizing happiness, unconditional love, devotion, good fortune, and longevity.


When using as a door banner in Chinese homes, it signifies some happy events such as wedding celebrations happening in the household, ushering in a new year, or when a newborn in the family reaches a month old. Red, an auspicious color that will help ward off evil, brings good luck and prosperity for all.




Let's Learn Mandarin 学华语

家有喜事 jiā yǒu xǐshì

  • 家有一些喜庆的事情。
  • A joyous celebration in the family. 

家有喜事 Runner #3

  • Velvet

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